Auriel Cresswell

“Art to me is an escape. I feel relaxed and I feel like my mind is more open when I do my sketching work, so it helps me get away from the rest of the world. So when I want to calm down and bring out my creative side I start sketching and it’s not just sketching. T me sketching is like putting forth my imagination on paper because not many people can depict their imagination  practically. So that’s what I think art means to me.

I started sketching when I was child in school, and I did it out of passion. Ever since then I’ve practiced at home and at school. Whenever I found a blank page I’d sketch all the time. During class at college I would sit at the back and sketch all the time. That was only fashion sketches and slowly I started branching out into different things. I started doing tattoos for friends and they turned out well. Now I have added logo design.

Art is not a restrictive subject. You do anything once you get into it!

The reason I am working with Skye Productions not many people are able to express their imagination. I want to use my skills to help people bring forth their imagination “